High Pressure (HP) sonic tip is designed with high-performance flaring system featuring low thermal radiation and shorter flame length. Sonic flares utilize flare gas pressure to produce high smokeless capacity and combustion efficiency.

HP flare tip typically has operating pressure within 2.0 – 4.0 barg (29.0 – 58.0 psig) depending on individual operation need.

HP flare can be constructed as a single point or multipoint high-pressure flow. Multipoint HP flare tips break the gas flow into smaller streams of multiple arms that promote better mixing of flare gas with air. Each arm has sonic discharge nozzles fitted that provide flame stabilization.

Our windshield is designed to prevent flame lick from happening that is greatly influenced by the wind. During high wind condition, the low-pressure area on the downwind side of the stack may cause the flare gas to be drawn down the flaring equipment.