Rental Program

Equipment available to rent: Floating Flare Unit (FFU) and ignition skid. Through our rental program, you can rent for daily, weekly, monthly based on your project needs. You will have support from our team for rental advice and optional maintenance support.

Spare Part Provider

Spare parts are essential when it comes to system availability and readability. TCR provides a full range of spares, responding rapidly to requests and can supply spare parts for our own equipment and other third-party packages (following a site survey).

Vent to Flare Conversion

The right technology to minimize environmental impact from direct emission of VOC, carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere. TCR technical experts will assess existing vent system and transform it to flaring system.

Maintenance Contract

TCR is dedicated in providing maintenance support to ensure minimal downtime period in your project. Our maintenance contract will cover equipment repair, maintenance, inspection and refurbish and after sale services and support.

Engineering Services

Configure course of option and solution that deliver desired results: Design a new or modify existing flaring system that fit for purpose, 3D modelling, and dispersion & radiation studies.