Dual Ignition Skid

Dual ignition skid has both electronic and FFG ignition system in one skid. FFG usually act as a backup ignition if the electronic mode is not available. This dual ignition skid can be integrated with LPG / propane cylinders skid that act as a back-up and pilot burner start-up.

Electronic Skid

Electronic ignition is the simplest and safest way of lighting pilot burner. Electronic skid works with high velocity fuel gas injection from the ignition skid through pilot body – creating low pressure area thus drawing in air through pilot venturi. Air introduced in the system will mixed up with fuel gas stream while travelling to […]

Flame Front Generator (FFG) Skid

Known as fire ball ignition type, TCR provides FFG skid in manual and automatic mode. FFG skid works by mixing air and fuel gas together in a flammable ratio. Air and fuel gas are metered through pressure regulator into a mixing chamber. Air-fuel gas mixture will then fill in the FFG line up to the […]