Floating Flare Unit (FFU)

TCR Floating Flare Unit (FFU) all in one flaring system – our comprehensive FFU design incorporated a self-contained skid including solar panels, batteries & a radio link which was mounted onto the FFU as a single unit. FFU Advantages: Generate its own power by using solar panel – does not require outsource power. Minimum power […]


Slipstream is an ignition chamber that is designed to draw a small portion of flare gas to the chamber that mixed with air forming cloud gas. The mixture is then lit up with high voltage ignitors – igniting the relief gas through flare tip by the candle effect. TCR slipstream is very much applicable for […]

Vent Tip

Gas venting is a controlled release of hydrocarbon gas into the atmosphere during production to maintain safe condition of the operation site. Vent tip typically operate at pressures up to 6.0 barg (87.0 psig), provide a reliable method of high- and low-pressure gas disposal. Vent tip is equipped with thermocouple flame detector and carbon dioxide […]

Air Assist Flare

Air-assisted flare is designed for low pressure gases to achieve smokeless flaring, where no process steam facility is available. Air assist system utilize fans to provide mixing energy at flare burner. Air and flare gas introduced as two separate streams into flare tip. The prime operating considerations with an air-assisted flare are to safely discharge […]

Steam Assist

Steam-assisted flare is one of the options for smoke suppression by adding combustion air, thus increasing momentum and turbulence in the flare flame. However, steam gas assist is only applicable if high pressure steam is available on site. Gas exit velocities are restricted similar to that for basic pipe flare. Steam injections add potentials to […]

LP Pipe Flare

The most basic flaring tip, LP pipe is suitable for low operating pressure within 0.2 – 0.5 barg (2.9 – 7.3 psig). LP pipe is a reliable method for low pressure gas disposal, either by flaring or venting. Our windshield is designed to prevent flame lick from happening that is greatly influenced by the wind. […]

HP Sonic flare

High Pressure (HP) sonic tip is designed with high-performance flaring system featuring low thermal radiation and shorter flame length. Sonic flares utilize flare gas pressure to produce high smokeless capacity and combustion efficiency. HP flare tip typically has operating pressure within 2.0 – 4.0 barg (29.0 – 58.0 psig) depending on individual operation need. HP […]

Dual HP / LP Flare Tip

Dual HP/LP flare can be used for both high and low flow and pressure ranges. The perk of having both HP and LP tips tied in together is sharing pilot burners, hence reducing the total number of pilot without affecting the tips performance. This dual flare tips are also integrated with one windshield. Our windshield […]